Site: Singapore

Business Unit: Helicopter Programs

Location: No. 8 Seletar Aerospace Link
Singapore S797573

Phone: +65-6586-8400


StandardAero’s Singapore facility performs repair, overhaul, component restoration, field service, rental unit support, and over the counter sales on the full line of Rolls-Royce M250 engines. Capabilities include, but are not limited to, disassembly, detailed inspection, non-destructive testing, chemical cleaning, compressor and turbine rotor dynamic balancing, assembly, engine testing, and QC inspections. Rolls-Royce approved engine training courses are held annually at this facility. Services are commonly performed to operators within Asia, India, Russia, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim.

Singapore is an FAA approved repair station pursuant to 14 CFR part 145. The repair station certificate number is IXHY084L. The Singapore facility is also approved by the airworthiness authorities as stated below:

    CAA Singapore AWI/26
    JACAB Japan 112
    DGCA India 5-145/2000-A1(2)
    DCA Malaysia AO/0040/83
    DGCA Indonesia 145/42600/04
    UAE GCAA AMO/213/07
    DCA Thailand 52/2531
    CAA China F06500264
    MLTM Korea 2005-AMO F04

                                                                    Singapore Capability Summary




·         Rolls-Royce Model 250 engine

o        Repair and Overhaul

o        Over-the-Counter Sales

o        Field Service Support

o        Rental Unit Support

o        Engine Testing

o        Component Restoration Services