ATG 5000 Standalone High Speed Internet

Perhaps you’ve considered high speed Internet for your aircraft, but did not require an integrated voice and data solution. Or you may already have a satisfactory voice solution or cabin system on board. Or maybe high speed Internet is all you need. In either scenario, the Aircell® ATG 5000 is the perfect inflight option for high speed Internet. The Aircell® ATG 5000 can be used alongside any manufacturer’s voice solution or operated without a voice solution. Since it has no top-mounted antenna, in most cases aircraft interior headliners do not need to be removed for installation, saving labor and shortening downtime.

StandardAero can equip virtually any business aircraft with high speed e-mail and Internet capabilities for laptops and Smartphones with the latest productivity tool from Aircell® - ATG 5000.


  • Use your own Wi-Fi laptop, Smartphone or PDA. Wired connections also available.
  • Mobile broadband connection speeds — as fast as what you’re used to on the ground.
  • Ground-based CDMA EV-DO mobile wireless technology.
  • Operates over Aircell’s exclusive frequencies won at FCC auction.
  • Full U.S. service coverage above 10,000 feet AGL, with Canada and Mexico to follow.
  • Nationwide network of ground stations.
  • Seamless handoffs from station to station.
  • Affordable service, unlimited usage options.

Aircell® Internet Rates & Service

Choose from three options based on your data usage and how often you fly: Ultraspeed Unlimited, Ultraspeed 100 and Ultraspeed 40. The blazing speed is the same for each. The only difference is the way you pay.

Plan Monthly Fee MB Included Fee/Additional MB
Ultraspeed Unlimited $1995 Unlimited NA
Ultraspeed 100 $895 100MB $7.95
Ultraspeed 40 $395 40MB $8.95

*Above Prices were as of July 1, 2010 and are subject to change

Upgrades & Installation

  • Estimated Downtime – 18-23 working days
  • Estimated Interior Access – $10K - $15K (May not be required if done in conjunction with additional workscope)
  • Estimated Installation Price – $110K - $125K