Rockwell Collins DBU-5000

StandardAero Avionics technicians can upgrade Pro Line 4 Integrated Display Systems equipped with DBU-4000/4100 database loading systems with the new DBU-5000 enabling customers to load all equipment and database types into the FMS using a USB drive.

DBU-5000 Features & Benefits

  • Faster database updates
    • Eliminates floppy diskettes and laptop connections
    • Enables simultaneous loading of multiple databases
  • Simplified operation
    • All databases for an aircraft can fit on a single USB memory device
  • Improved flexibility
    • FMS database updates available for download from anywhere in the world over the internet
  • Simple installation
    • Drop-in replacement for the DBU-4000 and DBU-4100 to enable FMS database loading
    • For Pro Line 21 operators with IFIS installed, CPAS removal and wiring changes enable IFIS updates using the DBU-5000
  • Growth capability for even faster uploads
    • With FMS V4.X improved bus speed