Tailored Maintenance Services

StandardAero has been providing tailored maintenance services for government and military operators worldwide for nearly 40 years, including supporting the UK’s Royal Air Force Chinook fleet since 1982. This includes field support on deployments and in combat zones. StandardAero also provides support to the US Army and the US Navy National Test Pilot School UH-72 Lakota fleet. We provide comprehensive depot- and field-level engine and aircraft MRO. Our airframe expertise ranges from minor repairs to major modifications on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our engineering capabilities allow us to perform design, modifications and STC development on all aircraft. These engineering solutions include avionics upgrades, crash resistant fuel tank development and aviation storage/return to service inspections. 

As a global leader in maintenance, repair and overhaul, we are committed to providing the highest standards of quality, reliability and customer service to more then 3,000 military, commercial and private operators in over 85 nations. We can customize a nose-to-tail program to meet your support needs, both short-term and via long-term agreement. Our capabilities include:

  • A full range of engine services including maintenance, overhaul, repair and test
  • A full range of airframe maintenance services, including medium and heavy depot checks
  • Field services, including industry-leading mobile response teams
  • Customer training
  • Engineering services

StandardAero has comprehensive capabilities and certifications, including Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Leonardo, Sikorsky, GE, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Safran Helicopter Engines, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Siemens and CFM, along with FAA, EASA and Transport Canada.

StandardAero can customize a maintenance solution to meet your needs, providing a range of services for the environment wherever you need to operate. Maintenance services can be tailored to cover all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events, including inspections, overhauls, servicing and routine maintenance. We tailor solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Sales Contact

Lou Vogler

Airframe Expertise:


  • Airframe MRO including composite repair
  • Airframe maintenance - full range
  • Full inspection and non-destructive testing
  • Gearbox MRO (main/tail/intermediate)
  • Rotorhead MRO
  • Landing gear MRO
  • Component MRO
  • STC development/installation
  • Avionics installation/upgrade
  • Airframe re-wire, including laser
  • Completions and mission systems
  • Strip and painting
  • Engineering Services
  • Worldwide field service


  • Airbus Helicopters
    • H125/AS350, H130 /
      EC130, BO105, H135 /
      EC135, BK117, EC145,
      AS332, H225/EC225,
      Alouette (DCR), Gazelle
      (DCR), UH-72A Lakota
  • Bell Helicopter
    • 206/407, 222/230/430, 204/205/214, 212/412, OH-58/TH-57/67, UH-1 Huey
  • Boeing
    • CH-47 Chinook
  • Leonardo
    • Lynx, Sea King
  • Sikorsky
    • S-61, S-76, S-92






Engine and APU Expertise:


  • Repair and Overhaul
  • Hot Section Inspection
  • Engine performance testing
  • Trend monitoring
  • Borescope inspection
  • Failure analysis
  • Component repair
  • Service Bulletin (S/B) compliance
  • Metal In Oil (MIO) repair
  • Foreign Object Damage (FOD) repair
  • Engine conversions
  • Quick Engine Change (QEC) nacelles
  • Engineering support
  • Worldwide field service


  • GE
    • T58/CT58, T700/CT7
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
    • APS2300, JT15D, PT6A, PT6T, PW100, PW150, PW300, PW600
  • Safran Helicopter Engines
    • Arriel 1, Arriel 2
  • Honeywell
    • ALF502, CFE738, GTCP36-150, HTF7000, LF507, RE220, TFE731, TPE731
  • Pratt & Whitney
    • F100, F135
  • Rolls-Royce
    • AE 1107, AE 2100, AE 3007, EM 42, M250®, RR300, T56, 501-D
  • Siemens
    • SGT-A05
  • CFM
    • CFM56